Mike Nickoli, Founder of Spero Partners, Inc.

Mike gained entrance to attend Birmingham Southern College on both an academic and athletic scholarship. Mike goes on to prove how he earned those scholarships by his incredible performance inside of the classroom and especially on the baseball field where he racks up accolades including All-Conference, All-Region, All-Academic, and Male Athlete of the Year honors, all culminating in being named an All-American in 2001 and pitching in and winning the National Championship Game.

Mike Nickoli

In most of the games Mike plays, he knows that dozens of scouts are watching and scrutinizing his every move, with money in their pockets and big decisions about his future looming overhead, but he never lets any of that affect his razor sharp focus.

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baseball career.

Mike’s success continues in the years after his extraordinarily accomplished baseball career. He has founded his own business, Spero Partners, Inc. where he works with business owners that are a lot like him; highly driven to succeed. However, these business owners often face a challenge, they want solid advice from professionals about how to navigate tough financial decisions, but they want someone they can trust. This is where Mike and his highly vetted and credentialed team come in to assist their clients with exactly what they are looking for, and because Mike thrives under high pressure situations, it is easy for his clients to put their business and their trust into Mike’s hands.   

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Now Mike has founded his business, Spero Partners, Inc., where he helps high earning, closely held business owners navigate high pressure situations. Clients that come to Spero Partners, Inc. are looking for help with extremely important decisions involving their hard-earned money.

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