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Founder and President of Spero Partners, Inc., Mike Nickoli

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Founder and President of Spero Partners Inc., Mike Nickoli, is a problem-solver with ambition almost as big as his southern charm.

His ambition has always been a driving force. He studied economics at Birmingham Southern College where he attended by earning both academic and athletic scholarships. During those years he worked hard and played harder. But not in the typical way a college kid plays. He played baseball and was extremely successful, earning many awards such as All-Conference, All-Region, All-Academic, and Male Athlete of the Year honors, leading to him being named All-American in 2001 and pitching in and winning the National Championship Game. Mike was even picked to play professional baseball by the Los Angeles Angels, then known as the Anaheim Angels, in the fourth round of draft picks.

Continuing his self-driven course of success and ambition, Mike founded his own company. At Spero Partners Inc., Mike and his team of qualified and highly vetted experts promise to lower tax liability while aggressively adding to overall net worth and helping to grow and protect the client’s business. Mike often works with business owners that have a similar drive to succeed and ambition as he does. However, he finds that as a business owner accumulates more wealth, they are not only looking for more ways to offset the higher tax liability, but they tend to become less and less trusting. Spero Partners, Inc. was an answer to those findings. Mike is currently helping many business owners with their tax liabilities while also growing meaningful, trusting relationships with clients that are sure to result in exponential growth for the client’s business as well as for Spero Partners, Inc. now and well into the future.